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5 Easy Steps How To Download TikTok Video Without Watermark With Full Best HD Quality (2021)

Step #1

Open TikTok / TikTok Lite app, then find and open your TikTok video that you want to download.

Next, press the Share button on the right side of the screen.

Step #1: Open TikTok App And Press Share Button

Step #2

In the Share to section, please select Copy link

Step #2: Select Menu Copy Video URL

Step #3

Open Chrome web browser if you're using Android and Safari for iPhones.

Then, open the fastest TikTok Downloader with the most complete features, TTSave.APP

Step #3: Open Browser Then Open TikTok downloader TTSave.APP

Step #4

Next, please Paste the video URL link that you copied from the TikTok application in the URL box provided.

Press the button with the Download icon to start the tiktok download process without watermark (WM).

Step #4: Paste TikTok URL In TikTok Downloader TTSave.APP

Step #5

The last step, press the Download Video Mp4 (Without Watermark) button to save the clean original tiktok video without watermark (tiktok logo and username).

Well, don't worry even though there's no save/download button in the TikTok app, because you can still try download it using TTSave.APP

Step #5: Press the Download Video Button Without Watermark

Bonus #6

Press the Download Video MP4 (With Watermark) button to download tiktok videos with watermark / video owner credit. You can also download sound / audio only without images in MP3 format by pressing the Download Audio (MP3) button.

Well, if you want to download the profile picture of the tiktok account, then select the Download Profile Picture button. You can also download video cover (thumbnail) by click the Download Cover / Thumbnail button.

Step #6: How to Download Mp4 Or Audio Only