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TTSave.APP is tiktok thumbnail downloader with original size. You can use TTSave on all types of devices easily, fast, and free without the need to install any software.


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  • Open the TikTok / TikTok Lite app on your phone.
  • Find the video for which you want to download the thumbnail.
  • Click the Share button and select Copy Link.
  • Paste the link you have copied from the TikTok app into the box provided on the TTSave page.
  • Click the button with the download icon.
  • Wait a moment and then click the Download Cover button.

Note: You can use all features without logging into TikTok.

Download TikTok Video TTSave
✅ Format: Mp4
✅ Quality: ⚡ Original, Uncompressed
✅ Download Speed: ⚡ Fast
✅ Download Quota: ⚡ Unlimited
✅ Cost: Free
✅ Services: ⚡ HD Videos, Videos No Watermark

Supported TikTok Links Format


Note: copy video URL from TikTok app on your phone.

Supported Devices

  • Smartphone (Android & iPhone)
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • iPad
  • PC

Supported Operating Systems

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Windows

Note: You can use any web browser software that you like such as Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox to download and save image (JPG, PNG, WEBP) from TikTok.

Did you know?

  • Can all tiktok videos be downloaded with thumbnail images?
    Yes. You can download thumbnail of all tiktok videos except from videos that have been private or deleted.
  • Is it possible to save tiktok video thumbnail images without using app?
    Yes. You can use TTSave for that and all you need is web browser on your phone.
  • Why download tiktok video thumbnails via TTSave have clear and large image size?
    This is because you directly download the image file provided by TikTok so that it is an original image file with very good image quality. Therefore, the thumbnail image that you download does not break / blur when zoomed in or when sent using WhatsApp.
  • What is the extension of the thumbnail file I downloaded from tiktok?
    Usually you will get an image file in .JPG, .JPEG, .WEBP or .PNG format.
  • Does TTSave save thumbnail files from tiktok app?
    NO. You download directly from the URL provided by tiktok. We don't save anything.
  • How to save thumbnail file if I use iphone / ipad phone (iOS)? I've clicked the download cover video button but the image file is not saved on my phone.
    Click and hold on the image you want to save, then on the menu that appears, select the Save Image menu. You can use this method on all web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari.
  • I don't allow my thumbnails to be downloaded via TTSave, what should I do?
    We can block access so that your thumbnails cannot be downloaded via TTSave. Please contact us via the CONTACT page that we have provided. Provide us with the video URL and proof of video ownership which can be a screenshot of your TikTok account. Within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours we will process the blocking request.